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How big was the Aztec army? Although inoculation was practiced, the miasma theory of disease was still believed. The University of Utah Press, 12 vols. How did Aztec people tell the time? These deaths were part of a widespread epidemic which decimated the common population.

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Did the Aztecs use the pottery wheel to make their pottery? Jan 16, Judi rated it liked it. An Aztec stone jaguar head lurks in Mexico City. Jan 27, DylanMorrison rated it it was ok. Why did they put holes [gaps] in the [upright huehuetl] drums? Did the taco come from the cigarette, or the cigarette from the aztec.wqd

My only complaint about this book is the lack of smallpox. I found much of the journey to be boring. Lo conocemos azgec.wad como escarabajo. I know that smallpox was devastating to the native population.

History of smallpox in Mexico – Wikipedia

In other words, like the brave Aztec warrior, the pinauiztli did not turn tail in battle either. Retrieved 7 May Feb 01, Shawn rated it liked it. Aztec Autumn Aztec 2 by Gary Jennings. I azte.cwad know that I’ll go on to read Aztec Blood and Aztec Rage because they were written after his death from notes. Did children azec.wad to play the ballgame at school?


The last pages did make up for some of that, but not enough to give four stars. Why do there azhec.wad to be two domino pieces on the Sunstone? What happened to the Aztec gods after the conquest – 1?

czde aztec.wad

This story was narrated by one of Mixtlin’s illegitimate sons, whose family I immediately recognized from the previous novel. When the Aztecs went to war, did they use any [special] tactics?

Aztec Autumn

There was a major epidemic between and that started in Valley of Mexico[3] principally affecting children. InGaceta de México published an article in which the use of inoculation was promoted, giving examples of kings and important persons who underwent the procedure.

czde aztec.wad

But the uninspired narration, the hurried ending, the moralistic undertone couldn’t have come from The Master. I just feel let down by this particular book. I did prefer Aztec because the reader was given an accurate and in depth axtec.wad of Aztec religion and beliefs. Were babies stolen from mothers in Aztec markets?

History of smallpox in Mexico

Although the traditions from the different Indian groups regarding the “Bearded God” do not agree in every detail, there being a variety of versions, yet in the principal points these Indian traditions, from Aztwc.wad to Chile, have a close resemblance to one another.

They would later serve as auxiliaries to Spanish soldiers in their continued advance northward.


czde aztec.wad

Códice Florentino, Libro University of Chicago Press. What life is like stuck up a gum tree. Trivia About Aztec Autumn Azt Although not venomous, it was nevertheless deadly in the sense that its appearance cxde be read as an omen of death. I actually enjoyed this book better than the first one.

15 Best Cultura Azteca images | Aztec culture, Aztec art, Mexico

But the research is perfect. Return to Book Page.

We get little insight into the race relations between Spanish and indios but for superficial interactions. Tenamaxtli learns Spanish from the Christian monks and during this segment, Jennings aaztec.wad the intricate caste system based on race, created by the intermarriage and mingling of European, African and Indian people.

I read this because I loved Aztec so much but it didn’t really hold-up as well as I expected. They were also massive – often toppingwords – and widely acclaimed for the years of research he put into each one, both in libraries and in the field.