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One thing I don’t get it – saving doesn’t work, same like in original version. Last edited by plasturion , Mar 9, Myself the creators of the aforementioned software used. Either way this project is on the back burner as I promised some people itadaki comes first. Last edited by rastsan , Feb 11,

Nombre: dungeon of windaria ds
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Summon Night Translation Project boojumzOct 11,in forum: So the bugs i can report Anyway this game is still nice and playable, don’t have to be perfect. Your name or email address: Myself the creators of the aforementioned software used. It’s chance that game will freeze maybe because of the same reason.

And item list in main menu freeze on 6th page, I think it was armour with some kanji name. Thanks for dunbeon hard work, I fixed space font for this translation.

Dungeon Of Windaria

Worst drama I ever watched, why if fight, what’s war for, it’s stupid, I never get it. May 28, toronto. I was going to redo the pointers yeah all of them – freaking ascii.

The english translated patch, any information contained in this thread or with the patch is only for research study purposes. I beat this short game, and dungen on I started search for more stuff related, so I watched anime which this game is based, but I’ve got mixed feelings.


Last edited by rastsanFeb 11, If you would like to try your hand at translating this game or making your own hack of it and would like to see my notes and or use my kruptar project file please message me. However, the ambitious Paro has always had its eyes on the beautiful Isa.

It is an RPG that tells the epic adventure and romance between two countries, the prosperous northern superpower Paro and the southern uncontaminated nation Isa.

dungeon of windaria ds

I noticed that there’s something wrong with items pointers in game. And characers names – Anna should be Mary, there’s others minor failures to fix. Dungwon not an issue of space in game more of I don’t have enough pointers to fix the extra space needed to use the original font. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Similar threads with keywords: What was being repointed did not need to be and that something was off.

dungeon of windaria ds

Myself the creators of the aforementioned software used. Summon Night Translation Project boojumzOct 11,in forum: Yes, my password is: Organization s or individual s may not use this product, patch or the information discussed for commercial purposes in any form. Thecrash and valyr they let me use there patch which I have – thankyou I have used some of their work I honeslty have no idea what at this point I used, I just know that I did use it.

dungeon of windaria ds

Although a major catastrophe is prevented, the relations of these two nations remained strained. So the bugs i can report Your name or email address: Looking goog, i hope that you can finish this.


I, this website, the website hosting any images used, the website hosting the patch, any other websites hosting any other stuff related to or linking to this will not bear any responsibility for the consequences arising from other s use. Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads.

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I bet there might be character not defined in fontfile or pointer just indicate second character of Shift-JIS string or some trash.

Log in or Sign up. Congratulations for such doing such a wonderfull project and spreading game culture all around the globe. Here’s font from screens above. To make matters more complicated, prince Jiru Zil of Paro and princess Anna from Isa are in love with each other and their romance is interfered by the upcoming war.

Cyan Feb 28, at 5: Aug 17, Tree. One thing I don’t get it – saving doesn’t work, same like in original version.